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Last updated May 17, 2023


Yes, only upon receipt of our authourisation for the return of product/s – see below conditions

Note that most of our products are fresh perishables, its a vegetable,

As these are perishable CONSUMABLES, we don’t accept any returns or refunds, so apart from other reasons indicated below, there can be no refunds or returns.

Change of mind is certainly not an acceptable reason


Yes, If not fit for purpose per description, or If wrong products were sent instead.


If you have any questions concerning our return policy, please contact us at:

Phone: 1800140826


In Australia, Moringa is a ‘novel’ food. Accordingly, Moringa Farm Australia or its agents are not representing our products as ‘human food’.

You are currently purchasing raw materials from our Moringa Farm in Australia, and have given us instructions to turn them into various beneficial & nutritional formats you require.

This applies to any Moringa raw materials formats such as leaves, powder, capsuled powder, extracts, tinctures, stems, branches, sprays, oils, trees, plants, etc, etc.

You also accept that these are mainly Raw Perishable Consumables upon purchase. However, we do stress that we practice tremendous care in producing the highest nutritional potency grade of Australian Moringa possible; and for whatever use you need Moringa for.

We don’t accept any returns or refunds, apart from listed reasons above


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