USE by dates - Drops 1yr. Face Serums, Skin Care, Body Lotion, Shampoo, Liniments 2yrs. Honey 3yrs. Capsules, Powders 18 months

Use by dates. Most Moringa products require immediate and continous refrigeration. Please ensure you continue this. Thank you

Note- The Food Department has barred ALL Australia wide entities, health shops, treatment centres, internet sites , etc, from selling Moringa products as a human food supplement because Moringa is classified, Australia wide, as a "Novel Food" & not as ‘Normal Food’. There are however, no restrictions whatsoever with the wide uses of Moringa.

FORTUNATELY, being Moringa Farmers in Australia, and also with Moringa specific GMP shredders, mills, fillers, and a laboratory, we can now offer you 2 choices.

1) Purchase our harvested trees. You could then ‘mill’ it yourself.
2) Purchase our harvested trees PLUS instructing & paying us to shred, desiccate, slice & dry, or mill & fill these purchased trees into your required format of raw material. (you would be telling us what format Moringa raw material you require)

Both choices come without any specific or recommended uses, but will be seriously fresh.

Our many thousands (yes, thousands) of previous customers will confidently note the exact same utmost quality in our 'Milled' Moringa in comparison to our previous products.

If you are a new customer, be assured that we continue the above tradition of providing Australian Grown Moringa Raw Materials in tip top condition.
Thank you
Manufacturer: Moringa Farm Australia

A - All items on this shopping cart come without any recommended uses. You tell us what format raw material you require and we will make it when you have purchased some harvested trees from us, or you can purchase some harvested trees from us, again without any recommended uses.

B - EVERY Product listed here contain NO Rectifiers NO Binders NO Fillers NO preservatives NO Chemicals, just 100% Australian Pure.

C - Express Post Satchels are most commonly at $11.00 Australia wide. Choose the correct satchel, depending on cumulative weights of ordered items for fast processing.

Thanking you