Australia wide, Moringa, a "Novel Food" cannot be "sold as" a "nutritional supplement" or "food"   However, There are no restrictions whatsoever in the using or uses of Moringa.

Accordingly, WE DO NOT SELL our Moringa as a 'food' or ‘Nutritional supplements’ but only non human 'food' items & other raw materials customers have instructed us to produce

Thank you. You have just purchased a non human food item from us, or a type of raw material you instructed us to make, that comes without any recommended uses.

Moringa Farm Australia’s Quality Control on EVERY Moringa product -

  1. To ensure MAXIMUM (potency) Moringa reach you, our plants are only harvested in small batches, fresh from our farm and processed WITHIN HOURS & DAYS before we post to you (some within hours). Our Moringa stock is processed in air-conditioning and are immediately & permanently placed in fridges both before and after packaging. They leave the fridges minutes before they are posted. Please continue this regime when you receive your order.
  1. Just for your information, all orders arriving after mid-day on Wednesdays are NOT posted until the following Monday. This nearly garantees all our products reaches our customers before any weekend.   2011 to 2018